Fix: No Statistics for Runbooks are displayed in Orchestration Console

If your Orchestration Console displays for Instance Statistics or Job Statistics always 0, check your Orchestrator DB:

Are there entries in table [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Statistics.Internal].[Statistics] ?

If not

check if you can start stored Procedure MaintenanceWorker with

If above shows no errors the statistics should be displayed now. Check and enable SQL Service Broker like described here:

But a customer got this error from “exec [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Maintenance].[MaintenanceWorker]” :

Error: 9617, The service queue “MaintenanceServiceQueue” is currently disabled.
Msg 50000, Level 1, State 60

Looking at  sys.service_queues the columns for is_receive_enabled and is_enqueue_enabled were set to 0: 

You can enable it with:







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