Some Notes to the “Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Migration Toolkit (Beta)

In May 2015 Microsoft released the “Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Migration Toolkit (BETA)”. Today it consists of two tools: “Integration Pack Converter” and “Standard Activities module”. The “Runbook Converter” which should convert Orchestrator Runbooks for import into graphical Runbooks in Azure Automation should be available soon. The public download is available here: Integration Pack […]

Executing SQL Statements with Powershell

Working with Orchestrator has the challenge to log the execution results so that you can have a log to analyze. One of the best ways is to design a custom database for your logging. In Orchestrator there are two Standard Activities to work with databases: “Query Database” and “Write to Database”. With “Query Database” Activity […]

NLB for SMA Web Service

The Web Service for Service Management Automation (SMA) is the central control component for all SMA related Runbooks and settings. While the SMA Runbook Workers execute in load balancing by the design of the product you may just wonder how you can control SMA if the host with SMA Web Service is weak. I was […]

Triggering a SMA Runbook in Regular Intervals

The current Schedule option for Runbooks in Service Management Automation (SMA) allows only a daily Schedule for the Runbooks. If you want to schedule a Runbook at regular intervals (for example to look for new OpsMgr Alerts every 2 minutes) you can create a “trigger Runbook” with while loop and the start-sleep statement.

Register Another SMA Webservice in WAP

Once you have succesfully registered a Service URL of Service Management Automation (SMA) in the Administration Site of Windows Azure Pack (WAP) you cannot register another SMA Service URL there. You must first remove the SMA Service URL registred there before with a PowerShell Script: Credential = Get-Credential $Token = Get-MgmtSvcToken -Type Windows –AuthenticationSite https://localhost:30072 […]

E-Mail Body in Plain Text

If you use the Integration Pack for Exchange Users the Published Data {Body from “Get Item”} is shown with HTLM tags getting a HTML formatted email. For further automation and integration you may need the body in plain text. Therefore I modified PowerShell script I found searching the Internet for PowerShell to convert HTLM in […]

Keep your Orchestrator DB small – find the toplogging Runbooks

According to Technet “Database sizing is the key to understanding the performance of System Center 2012 (SP1/R2) – Orchestrator” and “Setting logging options can significantly affect performance and increase database growth” ( You should enable logging only during the test and development phase of Runbooks. Do not let logging enabled for periodically executing Runbooks! You […]

SMA (Service Management Automation) and Orchestrator

System Center 2012, System Center 2012 SP1 and System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator enables you to automate and integrate your IT Systems without scripting or programming. If you want to use your existing scripts or programs there are also Activties which allow to include existing PowerShell-, C#-VB.NET-, Jscript and SSH-Scripts or run programs. In Orchestrator […]

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